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"Beastly reflections"

November 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Some "beasts" I shot the past months :)

To star or to look - thats the questionTo star or to look - thats the questionTo see: Notice something by using the eyes
To stare: To look intensive at something, without moving the eyes for several seconds or minutes. it can be funny when it's an animal or a child who do it. And even if I really like my new hometown Strumica and the people here, it will take time to get use to staring grown up people. Quite many people here, especially men from middle age and up would be direct qualified, if there was an world championship in staring. And I thought that people of my hometown Kiruna in north Sweden, is staring much, but they wouldn't have a chance in that competition. In shops here for an example, its common that the crew and several present friends to them are meeting the customer with intense staring. And in the streets, restaurants or cafes, especially if you are breaking the pattern if only by looking like an foreigner. But all culture has their advantages and disadvantages, and I am at least a little more used to it by now. Another year and I maybe not even notice anymore.
What? A staring hen.
Where? Zelenikovo.
When? 7 aug 2014
Focal length:22 mm

Focal length (35mm):33 mm

Exposure:1/640 at f/4

Exposure mode:Manual
ISO speed:ISO 200

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