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Local news from the opening of the exhibition

May 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

News reports in the local television channel Intel televizija.The Macedonian Newscaster reproduce portions of the opening speech, with some thoughts about art photo and a little of its history. See previous blog post.

Big thanks to Intel Televizia! 


List of the participating photographers

Mathieu Degrotte - France 

Stole Angelov  - Macedonia

Lillian Molstad Andresen - Norway

Eva Kristiansen - Norway

Rustam Ma - India

Michelle Garcia - USA

Alexandria Lopez - USA

Janne Pihlaja - Sweden

Annika Öhman - Sweden

Göran Backman - Sweden

Annika Lood - Sweden

Carl- Johan Utsi Sweden

Jonas Sundberg - Sweden

Göran Landström - Sweden

Magdalena Näsström - Sweden

Casey Mitchell - USA

Colin Roberts - U.K

Selçuk Gülen - Turkey

Fabrizio  Pescali - Italy

Stefano Caporali - Italy

Alain Licari - France

Ruben Donato - Argentina

Monica Rodriguez - Spain


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