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The exhibition " Photographers around the world" is official opened

May 09, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

After a few weeks of intense, but fun work to prepare the exhibition, it was finally time for the opening yesterday. In our gallery "Light Never Waits", in central Strumica, Macedonia. During the day the exhibition was visited by locals as well as tourists who were treated to snacks, drinks, and traditional Macedonian music by Goran and Vasko from the group Strumica Tajfa- along with all the fantastic pictures, from 11 different countries. We were visited by "Intel" local television as well as several working photographers. The pictures received many appreciative and almost lyrical comments.

The exhibition will last the month of May and we are open Monday to Friday 10-18. If you are nearby and want to see it another time, do not hesitate to contact us. If you are in another city / country, you also has the possibility to purchase and get the image sent to you. More details will follow in coming posts.

The 23 participating photographers are:

Mathieu Degrotte - France 

Stole Angelov  - Macedonia

Lillian Molstad Andresen - Norway

Eva Kristiansen - Norway

Rustam Ma - India

Michelle Garcia - USA

Alexandria Lopez - USA

Janne Pihlaja - Sweden

Annika Öhman - Sweden

Göran Backman - Sweden

Annika Lood - Sweden

Carl- Johan Utsi Sweden

Jonas Sundberg - Sweden

Göran Landström - Sweden

Magdalena Näsström - Sweden

Casey Mitchell - USA

Colin Roberts - U.K

Selçuk Gülen - Turkey

Fabrizio  Pescali - Italy

Stefano Caporali - Italy

Alain Licari - France

Ruben Donato - Argentina

Monica Rodriguez - Spain

More posts and further presentation of the photographers will follow the nearest days.




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