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The Orta mosque - A piece of Strumica history

November 13, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The Orta mosque that is located in the old parts of Strumica, was built in the Ottoman period, in the 1600's. Before that it has existed several churches at the site, and before that Roman buildings. Even older discoveries have been made on the spot - from the Hellenistic period.

Unfortunately it's very hard to catch a view of it without wires in the pictures, but finally I did it, in the last picture in this post. From a position high up on the hill in Old Strumica, which is highly recommended for the Strumica visitor, because it gives a good perspective for almost the whole town and many of the surrounding villages. Orta mosque is just five minutes walk from the main square and the higher position, I mentioned is another 10 min away. 

Orta mosqueOrta mosqueA mosque from the 1600's in the "Old Strumica" Orta mosque no 2Orta mosque no 2 Orta mosque from aboveOrta mosque from above

If you want more information about the mosque go to an external page by clicking here


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