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The first of May, with family and friends, in Sacevo

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Warmly welcome to the blog part, for good photo and reading from a small, scenic, multicultural country - with many surprises up her sleeves. By a newlywed Swedish gallery owner and photographer living there since 2014. Your correspondent in Macedonia, if you like.

With family and friends at my  Father in laws childhood home, in the village Sacevo - located 6 km outside the town. The flower of the Dunya fruit tree. It is now, and perhaps in November that the climatic differences are  most noticeable, between here and north Sweden. April and May is exceptional months down here. At home in Kiruna may is by far the year's worst month, with slow snow melting causing dirty streets everywhere - here it is the best month of the year. The temperatures are higher than the peak summer temperatures at home, there is greenery and flowering trees everywhere - and life feels fantastic again after a grumpy and rainy winter. 

Father in law "Dedo Dine" in action - inspects his pear trees... 

...and fixing the water supply, like his father and grandfather before him...   

.. and his grandchildren will after him. Well Filip is at least testing the ancestral method. 1:st may in Sachevo1:st may in Sachevo Some poor sandwiches, which are often fixed at home, when going out in the nature, do not work in Macedonia, and fortunately Swedish crappy sausage "Falukorv" does not exist  here. Instead it is all or nothing. Everybody contributed to various dishes. Grilled chicken legs, breaded chicken fillet, pork chops,cucumber salad, coleslaw,Shopska sallad, urnubez (a sort of  cottage cheese, with garlic and chilli) Homemade chicken Sausages. Mastika, beer, soft drinks, etc.

I have learn from Dine the difference between summer and winter cabbage. At the same time it explains why I never liked the cabbage rolls, "Kåldolmar",  at home. There we usually use wintercabbage, which is much thicker and stickier, for that dish. Even in salad is the difference noticeable, when using this brittle and smoother summer cabbage

Neighbor comes for a chat (or two)

Christian is also a brilliant member of the water supply team.  

The screaming colour of the plastic ball, contrast strongly, with the Macedonian soil..    ...but thats is not what is the fun.

In southern countries like this, you learn quickly what a shady tree means to you, at midday

Kiko notes that the branches of the Dunya tree, works good for the good old tree climbing also. Preparing for food round two

 Kebab in Macedonia is always  this sort of oblong, fairly tasty, grilled meatballs. During this, almost, internet free excursion, it was not the children who surfed. 

Mother in Law, Boca is contented, when family and friends are gathered.


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