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Goce Arnaudov

April 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Goce Arnaudov,  1954-2011, was a singer from Strumica who loved music since his childhood. He became one of the most popular singer in the country and got the price " The singer of the decade and 5 years in a row he was chosen for the most popular singer, in Macedonia. He wrote more than 200 songs - the maybe most popular one is "Dali cekas stara majcice?" (Are you waiting old mother?") See and hear him sing it in the Youtube clip below. He participated in more than 100 song festivals and won more than 60 1:st prices in these. He died in Skopje 6 december 2011, only 57 years old. Here in his hometown, he is honored, since 2014, with this statue in the city center.


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