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The old bazaar in Skopje - a fascinating place

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For me Skopjes Bazar street has become a favorite place in Skopje - it is realy worth seeing and the sellers are not too assertive. To stroll around the Bazaar district, is a must for the Skopje visitor. The old outdoor Bazaar in is one of the largest on the Balkans. Here live the legacy of the Ottoman era, in architecture, Mosques, residential- and business houses and food. But the trade has been going on longer than that, at least since the 12th century, and the style of some of the buildings is derived from this the Byzantine time. Bazaar streets is centrally located, you can almost  see them from Skopjes absolute center, Macedonian square, on the other side of the Stone bridge. Another enticement is the Döner kebab, something that  often is not easily found in Macedonia. Here it is cheap and tasty, like many other specialities of Turkish descent  The pictures are taken in october 2014.

Skopje the old bazaar district - Stara CarsijaSkopje the old bazaar district - Stara CarsijaOne of many streets at the outdoor bazaar in Skopje - "Stara Carsija", (means "the old marketplace"). Here has the trade been going on at least since the 11's.




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