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Why you need a professional photographer

December 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Photo: Violeta Sundberg

This text, below, that I previously had on my start page, but right now don't have room for, sums up in a good way why professional photography is not a dying art, although so many people and companies own their own advanced cameras today. Something that I, in my job often try to explain to small business owners and private persons.

Light moves incessantly and fast, and when it passed, it is too late no matter what the motives are. Like life itself, with its moments and years that never goes in the replay. Meanwhile, it is one of the photographic image's strengths in order to "preserve the small pieces of time" - even to future generations. But to deliver qualitative image that communicates the right things, for example during an assignment, requires practice. The fleeing moment shows no mercy for the fumbling "photographer", and the light waits for no one. The "photo nerd" refined a mix of: eye, narration, good ideas, the right equipment, technique and timing, with the years. That is why it is a good idea to sit back and let him/her, fill in the holes in the data, or create entirely new. In the private context rather: store for tomorrow or decorate. The dense, storytelling small bits of time made in a professional way - for yourselves, and the great-great-grandchildren - before the light and time passes.

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