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Along the road to Sveti Ilija - part 3

November 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Back downstairs, the trail continues to meandering around the mountain sides and somewhere far below reveals a stream softly, his existence. The trail to the monastery starts to change character. The stream begins to talk a little bit higher - floating closer and finally thrown out in a small waterfall, teeny but beautiful. The road runs up the side of the case and pass over the brook - increasingly upward and becomes rocky and bumpy. The angle of the sun has changed - and the shadow has taken it's protecting hand away from the road and the hiker. It's no "sunday promenade" anymore. Stair after stair, leads a last sweaty piece up against the monastery of Sveti Elija. Sveti means Sankt and Elija is the bible prophet who brought up the dead, called down deadly fire on his enemies and traveled in a chairot of fire to the heaven. 

_JJS0243_JJS0243 Fothpath to Sv. Elija - mini waterfall.Fothpath to Sv. Elija - mini waterfall.


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