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Strumica and culture

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Strumica is a town with a very cultivated and tolerant atmosphere. People with great love for knowledge and books - always hungry for learning something new, taste of something new in "the smorgasbord of life". Engaging in completely simple gossip about other people's lives, who is cheating who, who has lost his/her job and why,  is an activity wish never really got a foothold here. Reading is therefore a very popular entertainment, a "Mecca" for the inquisitive. Newsagent and warehouse departments in the shops, are therefore fully laden with publications, so that those interested in various subjects never will miss anything new. 

The people in town are also very interested in art and culture, to such an extent that for each new exhibition or performance opens, needed plenty of stewards to calm the eager visitors "hanging on the doors" before opening.  

It is a very outward-looking people we are talking here, from beggars to the richest class, if you once started a conversation with one of them, never turning his/her head away, but always exclaims in an obvious "hello" or "good day", every time you meet, which often culminates in further pleasant phrases and exchanges of views.  Here comes courtesy and respect with their "mother's milk", they will never forget the word thank you!

It is very easy for strangers, no matter of ethnicity, religion or skin color, to start a conversation with people, whether they speak English or not, their natural curiosity for other countries and cultures make them manage to communicate, using the few or many English words they know, mixes it with gestures, and, some international words. The key is to communicate! 

This multi-ethnic approach has also caused restaurants to add dishes from many of the world's great kitchen. Gourmets gorges itself with Italian pasta, Norwegian fish, Indian aroma stews, Thai wok dishes, Spanish tapas, North African cous cous dishes, Swedish meatballs and french crepes.


Aprili, april!

April, april fools!





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